The Damon Braces System

We are proud to use the Damon Bracket System, the most efficient method for providing exceptional orthodontic treatment. Offering a significant advantage over traditional braces, this state-of-the-art technology moves teeth faster, is more comfortable and reduces treatment time. This remarkable bracket system has resulted in improved quality of treatment and a dramatically decreased need for permanent tooth extraction.

Damon brackets are beneficial for patients of all ages. Adults benefit because of lower forces and faster treatment when compared to traditional braces. Damon brackets are also indicated for patients with periodontal (gum) problems due to the light forces they deliver. The idea is that treatment forces should be just high enough to stimulate healthy tooth movement without putting stress on the blood vessels in the surrounding tooth supporting structures. By applying light continuous forces throughout every phase of treatment we are able to achieve healthy, comfortable and efficient tooth movement. As a result our patients